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2nd Place

Young Adult/Action

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He must find his father. An evil threatens his quest. Against all odds. He must wield a new power. Can he find his courage and save the Multiverse?

Atlas and the Multiverse is an award winning fast-paced science fiction adventure story that immerses readers in an expansive multiverse of infinite possibilities: For young adult readers and book lovers alike.

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2nd Place

Juvenile/Action Adventure

Honorable Mention


Book 1 Summary

On Atlas’s first day of middle school in Boise, Idaho, a mysterious voice lures him and then appears to him, leaving him with a single clue: Find Dr. Faraday! With the help of his foster siblings Lilou and Nico, Atlas goes on a quest into the Multiverse to discover the truth about his father’s whereabouts. Their adventure takes them to countless new realms, where they encounter various characters — some friends and some foes — and through courage, overcome a series of challenges as they race to uncover the mysteries of family, friendship, and loyalty.

Book 2 Summary

At the start of summer break, two familiar faces confront Atlas in Malcolm’s lab, and entrust him with a relic from his family’s past, and an urgent request: Find the Oracle! With the help of his siblings, Lilou and Nico, and some unexpected guests, Atlas returns to the Multiverse to find his friend Mia and save the Alliance from a looming invasion. With P.O.R.T.A.L. hot on their heels, the adventurers travel to familiar and new realms, where they encounter new and menacing foes – and seek to put an end to Craum’s evil plans. Can Atlas find the Oracle, save his friend, and stop the invasion before it’s too late?

About Chandon

Chandon Siman grew up in California, attended Cal State University of Fullerton, and graduated with a B.A. in History and a Secondary Teaching Credential. After three years teaching in Irvine, he moved with his wife and their two children to Idaho, where he currently teaches Language Arts to middle and upper grades. He loves Idaho for all the outdoor activities it offers, its friendly faces, and the small community atmosphere, and has featured the city of Boise, Idaho in his fast-paced sci-fi adventure story.

A fan of Young Adult literature, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Fiction, he has taken his passion and expertise out of the classroom to produce his first novel, Atlas and the Multiverse: Seeking Courage. Chandon wrote this novel during the pandemic; a story inspired by his children, and the books and movies he grew up on. Chandon plans to expand the world he has created with a series of books based on the same characters.

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What Readers Are Saying

"I absolutely love this book. It is a very good read. When I was reading it, I just couldn't put it down."

- Pamela (Goodreads)

"I enjoyed this book so much! The characters were well developed and the plot kept me in suspense. I couldn't put the book down and read it in just one sitting. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Percy Jackson and Harry Potter."

- Molly (Goodreads)

"...the story progresses exquisitely and the he keeps our attention throughout the book."

- Nat (Goodreads)

"This book is bound to captivate and enthrall kids. I am trying to wean away my daughter from being a Potterhead and I guess this maybe the book I was looking for."

- Harsha (Goodreads)

"This would be a great read for grades 5 and up. I think older students will relate to the characters and love the story! Great first novel by this first time author!"

- Donna (Goodreads)

"I would recommend it to anyone who likes tween novels, sci-fi, and the multiverse concept."

- Laila (Goodreads)

"My husband and I read this book together and very much enjoyed the story unfolding. Excellent character development. Intrigue and humor throughout the book always left us with something to look forward to."

- Susan (Amazon)

"Loved this book! Fun read with lots of action and unique plot twists. Very likeable and relatable characters. Book is written like a movie that invites the reader to step into a whole new "multiverse". I also appreciated that the author was able to simultaneously achieve humor and depth throughout the story, not an easy skill to execute well. Would highly recommend for young adults (esp middle graders) who appreciate sci-fiction or even just fast-paced adventure novels!"

- SM (Amazon)